Sustainability & Continuity of the Business

We here at Moore’s feel very strongly about the sustainability and continuity of our business and do our very best to make sure the resources we use and the effect they have on the environment will not damage the prospect for future generations.

Our Fish
Our fish is bought from suppliers and fish markets in the North East of Scotland and Shetland and is only bought from sources that are committed to the sustainable and environmentally friendly practices of catching fish. The fish comes from well managed fishing areas of the North Sea with our Haddock having MSC status. All the fish we sell is fully traceable and has a documented trail which goes back to the boat and date it was caught on.


Our Promise
Our promise is to use the best produce available in order that we serve the highest quality food by our professional well trained staff to make your experience memorable.

Our Chips
Our chips are freshly prepared on the premises each day by peeling and chipping quality potatoes. We mostly use British Markie potatoes which make a lovely golden, fluffy and tasty chip.

Our Oil
Our oil that we use is quality rapeseed/sunflour vegetable oil as this has the lowest saturated fat content of any oil. The oil also has a longer life than other oils meaning we use less oil. We filter our oil several times during our frying day to keep our oil in the best condition possible helping us to prolong the life of the oil too. Our waste oil is collected by a registered waste oil recycler who converts it to bio diesel.



Our Batter
Our batter is made with quality self raising flour to a Moore’s family recipe stretching back over 30 years. Our batter is made is made fresh through out the day to keep it at the perfect consistency, fresh and airy so it gives a nice crisp batter every time.

Our Packaging
Our packaging is mainly cardboard boxes which is recyclable. We do use some polystyrene containers but this is kept to a minimum for products with hot liquids.

Our Waste
Our waste is segregated and recycled as much as the local authority permits. Our waste oil is collected by a registered waste oil recycler who converts it to bio diesel. When disposing of old fridges and freezers we use a specialist waste company who remove all gases from the appliances. All our waste carriers are registered and supply waste transfer notes.

Our Frying Range
Our range is a Kiremko high efficiency frying range which has the latest in technology and saves us around 35% in gas costs compared to our old range.

Our Carbon Footprint
We monitor our gas, electricity and water to reduce our carbon footprint. Our lighting is mainly energy efficient throughout the shop to help cut down on electric costs. When buying new fridges and freezers we always look for the most efficient to also help our carbon footprint.

Our Food Miles
We source as much local produce as possible by using local butchers to cut down on
food miles. We also insist on one delivery a week from suppliers where possible.


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